Text Box: These are just a few of the fine colorful babies that Quest  produced over the years.

Three daughters carry on the line:

Patriotic Quest
My Gal Quest
Bobbie Jo Quest

6448 Glen Cove Road

Moravia NY 13118-2254

Phone: 315-496-2111

FAX: 801-730-3974

Text Box:                                                      TOP HAT H
                                      TOP QUEST
                                                     GIMPY’S WIMPY
              DIAMOND QUEST
                                                      HI ACRES DISMUS
                                       SLATTERY’S JOSIE AQHA
                                                      QUALMS SUE
                                                      HAWK EYE
                                       HAWKEYE JR. 
                                                      MEADOW FROST
              PRESCIOUS DIAMOND (World Champion)
                                        DIAMOND’S WHITE DOVE
                                                       LEQUILA APRIL
Sky Blue Quest Foals

Bearcreek Appaloosas Paints and Quarter Horses

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